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At Salesforce Superheroes, we believe in a personal approach to every customer and project. Bringing in transparency, automation and dynamic environment, we choose development practices tailored to your specific business needs. 

Salesforce Superheroes is a division of The Nerd Whisperers

Salesforce Superheroes is a division of The Nerd Whisperers



Defining the Project Scope

Upon the submission of the Request for Quote,  Salesforce Superheroes assigns a team to gather and analyze the requirements and create vision/scope documents. The team prepares functional specifications, design, detailed plans for sprints/iterations and delivery, as well as cost estimates. 


The development process starts off with creating Technical Design Documents (TDD), Project Plans and Test Plans. Salesforce Superheroes builds a software prototype to simulate the future application and receive feedback from the customer. When all the features are implemented and integrated according to the requirements, the team performs development testing and comes up with a user guide.


Project Delivery

Upon the delivery of the project, you receive:

  • Software product
  • Documentation
    • Technical requirements  
    • Design 
  • User manual
  • Setup program
  • Installation and maintenance instructions
  • Source code
  • Warranty

You retain full intellectual property rights and the software source code.

In addition to that, we offer maintenance and support services to help you continuously improve the application.


1. Fixed Price 

Salesforce Superheros provides customers with a Project Quotation that describes the project scope and schedule in detail. The payment schedule for a Fixed Price/Fixed Date agreement depends on project milestones and duration. This model is recommended for middle-size projects, where the scope of the project is defined and timelines are aggressive. This is the most cost-effective outsourcing solution to take advantage of.

2. Time and Material

In this case the "full time equivalent" scheme is applied, which means that the customer is charged at a daily rate for each employee dedicated to the customer's project. All invoices for this type of contract are accompanied by project reports.  This model is recommended for middle-size and large projects which are dynamic and have fluidity. It provides the customer with maximum control over deliverables and the team which works on the project. For payment, a "full time equivalent" scheme is applied which means that an hourly rate is charged for each employee dedicated to the project. All invoices for this type of contract are accompanied by project reports.