Meet the team


Tyler Hudson, CEO and founder

Tyler began coding since he was twelve and started working as a project manager when he was twenty.  Since founding the Salesforce Superheroes and its parent company The Nerd Whisperers, LLC he's been proud to help companies use technology to make their business more efficient.

When he's not elbows-deep in Apex, Tyler enjoys the sights, sounds, and tastes of New Orleans.


Zack joined the company as an intern back in 2012 and quickly earned a spot as a full-time employee.  He's been coding for nearly a decade and loves solving our customers' grittiest Salesforce problems.

When Zack heads out for the day he really goes out.  You might see him hiking, tubing, or camping after he's shut down the monitor for the night.



chris caterine, business operations consultant

Chris has been providing support to the company as a consultant since 2017.  He handles non-technical aspects of the business, from contacting potential clients to maintaining our social media presence.  Whatever hat he's wearing when you find him, he's the guy making sure our coders can focus on our clients instead of paperwork.

Chris is normally busy responding to our contact requests, but when he pulls himself away from the office you might see him working with charities in town, writing for his blog, or spending a more-than-advisable portion of his salary on the world-class restaurant scene here in New Orleans.


Salesforce Superheroes is proud to support the New Orleans community and the following organizations.